Pulp Fiction 1994 Free writer Quentin Tarantino



user rating: 9,8 of 10 2 h 34 Min Directed by: Quentin Tarantino Cast: Uma Thurman Genre: Drama

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We are quickly introduced to two lovers who double as small time thieves. Unfortunately for them, they decide to rob the coffee shop were our main characters are enjoying their coffee and breakfast, Vincent and Jules, who are themselves hit men for a powerful gangster, Marcellus Wallace. Since the style in which Pulp Fiction is shot amplifies the excellence of the film - all scenes are shown out of sequence - the movie"s opening scene is its ending scene as well. And so the story develops, bouncing from different times to different characters we see how each event affects everything else. Character development is a major part in the film. You feel empathy for the characters, whatever those feelings may be, you understand the motives behind their actions.






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